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Crystal Dreaming®

A guided journey to release trauma held in the body through life times.

  • 2 hr
  • 220 Australian dollars
  • Success

Service Description

This modality is where YOU activate your cellular memory & journey into past lives to reveal the core source of unresolved trauma stored in your body and energy fields. Crystal Dreaming® is a modality created by Raym Richards where you lay in a unique crystal mandala grid which activates your cellular memory. Together we identify what emotional imprint your body is ready to release from the past whether from this current lifetime or another life in another time. The Soul can carry forward unresolved trauma into the next life through your multidimensional DNA. It can carry forward many life times and show up in each life a different way, all so you can finally see it and come to peace with the lessons & experiences (which translates to Soul growth). This 'carrying forward' may show up as a myriad of expressions such as: *Injury, soreness, illnesses or conditions that are inexplicable and/or "un-treatable"; *Unconscious patterns, deep seeded fears or other behaviour that you don't know why or where it originates from; *Challenging relationships you can't move away from OR a pattern of relationship themes that you seem to repeat in life. *Poor relationship with yourself, your body, extremely low self-esteem or codependency that again, with unknown origin or explanation. Kylie safely guides you through Time and Space to understand the root cause, when and why the trauma happened, gain understanding and release all concerned to be free of the trauma/contract etc and able to move forward in peace. During this healing session you are in the drivers seat, you are receiving the visions , you are doing the healing and as such; it is an extremely empowering experience that can activate your dormant skills of inner sight, inner-knowing and a deeper trusting of your natural gifts. After clearing traumas (& time permitting), the second layer of this modality is visiting a higher dimensional realm where you meet your Spirit Guides & receive higher dimensional remembering, activate dormant skills, & receive guidance. Please allow some rest time after your session as sometimes it can be quite emotional and/or tiring. This session can only be done in person.

Cancellation Policy

RESCHEDULE: Sessions can be rescheduled within 3 months of original appointment date, with a minimum of 3 hours notice. CANCELATIONS: If appointment is canceled with a minimum 24 hours notice, admin fee of $50 will be retained and the excess refunded. No refund if less than 24 hours notice given. to cancel.

Contact Details

  • Success WA, Australia


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