~ Transformational Retreats ~

I looove running my retreats and watching people transform before my very eyes! It's amazing what possibilities can be reached when we allow ourselves the time and attention to put ourselves first, surrounded by authentic people who get you.

When you are in a place where you feel safe to be your true self - no masks - no playing small - something clicks inside. Something that no one can take away from you. Something that opens doors that were waiting for you to just reach out and turn the key. That is called freedom.

If you are ready have an experience that offers healing on all levels, connection to new friends and a new appreciation of nature, health & self-love, then come join the fun at my next retreat!


Vibrant Living Retreat ~ 19 to 21 February 2021

Yes!! It's time for another epic retreat full of magick and healing as we connect deeper into our true purpose and power as humans.

Perched right on the beach in a private accommodation, you will be welcomed into sacred space and ceremony for a smorgasbord of experiences that will activate more soul remembering.

The original version of this retreat was affected by the fires, but it has been rebirthed with a new purpose and direction.

The power rising up from the Earth in this week leading up to the retreat - is palpable and calling us to move our awareness deeper into our original templates. This retreat feels like a quest of the Sacred Heart to re-emerge from our human in an unshakable way, asking us to create new foundations of a new paradigm.

Experiences and Workshops include (keeping a few surprises);

Powerful sound activations and shamanic journey each day.
Ocean walks/swim each day.
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Gong bath;
Daily movement sessions;
Group singing & sound expression;
Nature immersion & forest bath;
Sacred tool-making workshop;
Soul led experiences inspired by the energy in the moment.

Be seen, heard, acknowledged and honoured for who you are, supported by tribe as you surrender deeper into your authentic self;
Have space to put yourself first and remember the long-forgotten magick awakening in your body;
New friendships through genuine & authentic conscious conversations & connections;
Breaking free of looping patterns and conditioned programming;
Drop the walls that have protected you in the past but have become barriers to joy in your now.
Creativity & play, time to stare out into the starry sky, be at one with nature, be at one with yourself.
Loads of fun, celebration, laughter, insight, clarity, enthusiasm and joy!
Meals, snacks and drinks will be delicious, balanced, nutritious, all included and home made.


Arrive: 4pm Friday 19th Feb 2021
Finish: 3pm Sunday 21st Feb 2021
Location: Private Retreat residence in Mandurah area.

EXCHANGE:  $690pp

BOOKINGS: Please complete application here: http://bit.ly/vibrantlivingretreat

~ collaboration ~

I am open to collaborating with other aligned people and groups. If you could like to team up to offer a special workshop, experience, need a sound healer for an event either one off or on a regular basis then please be in contact.


More doors open when we share our unique abilities and co-create in harmony - is this not what we are dreaming to be our reality?


No need for competition - just honouring and celebrating our indiviual expressions of our totality - shared experience is shared widsom!

Contact Kylie here


~ contact ~

Kylie's healing space is in Success, Western Australia.

Ph: 0407658596           E: soulfitnessfoundation@gmail.com

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