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Connect, Journey, Remember & Transform.

A delicious recipe of shamanic journey, sound healing, workshops, ceremony, singing, personal healing sessions, Yoga, nourishing food, this 3 day retreat will clear energetic clutter, fill your cup to over-flow and boost your confidence to walk your walk in the world.

The experiences offered focus on personal Truth, self-empowerment, self-validation, integration of your Innate Higher Wisdom and stepping further into Sovereignty. There will be some very deep work with a lot of shifting in body, mindset and energies, but a lot of fun along the way too!


This is your invitation into a safe and nurturing space to expand more than ever before into truth and power, release from any tethering, and to really see yourself full of potential, power and positivity.

We’ll be nurtured in the natural beauty of our secluded Dunsborough location. Be enveloped in bush lands where we’ll deepen our conscious relationship with the nature Kingdoms, Gaia, and her Cosmic waters of creation.

We’ll connect with the Dragons to dive into your Truth and develop your discernment. Guided by my recent visit to The Tor, be ready to receive Code Activations that are newly accessible from this sacred site, which will also assist in clearing conditioning and manipulated belief programming.

We’ll journey with the Whales and Dolphins who carry the organic Codes to our original blueprint and connection to our galactic ancestry.

We’ll visit your Akash to clear old timelines that are ready to be untangled and integrated. We’ll also be firing up your Body Intelligence and upgrading “new chakras” (which are actually portals) to align you closer into your Innate Higher Wisdom.

More experiences over the weekend include:


*Sound Healing sessions

*Cacao & Drumming ceremony

*Connecting with Crystals

*1 x Private Healing session each

*1 x Private Bowen session each

*Free time to integrate, journal, meditate, walk in nature or simply rest.

*Sharing Circles – Soul connection

*Creative activities to let that inner child out

*S P A C E   to really connect and Know Thy Self

*Lots of YUMMY HEALTHY food to nourish & ground your body.

*A few surprises to make sure Joy is sprinkled between the serious stuff!

*Lastly, on Sunday we will end with a special Galactic Equinox Journey where we will connect into an ancient Star Gate that I re-opened whilst at White Horse Hill in England this recent Solstice. This will be extremely special and powerful as we are lead by Gaia to assist her in preparation for her Equinox alignment.

Sacred retreats invite in Souls to reunite

across time itself and a unique fingerprint of

Alchemy is created in the joining of such Souls. We spark remembering and awakening for each other. Time stands still while we journey through Time and Space into other dimensions and timelines to access more knowledge.


This weekend promises to be truly and authentically transformational and on your return home your newly embodied light quotient ripples across into your life, into your community, and into the collective.


3 nights beautiful accommodation

3 days of expanding experience

All meals and snacks included

All group and individual activities & healing included

Location: Private accommodation in Dunsborough, WA.

Arrive 3pm Thursday 19th September 2019

Finish 3pm Sunday 22nd September 2019



Twin Share Room: $990 pp 

(single beds, share room with 1 other person)  - 6 places left

Private Room: $1200 pp

(1 x Queen bed, room to yourself) **SOLD**

Double Room: $850 pp

(1 x Queen bed, share bed with your partner or bestie) **SOLD**

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