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 ~ Kylie ~

Kylie is an intuitive, a sacred sound instrumentalist & a transformational guide offering personal sessions, ceremony & retreats for your empowerment, self-healing & transformation.

As bright and shiny that may read Kylie is no stranger to the emotional rollercoaster that is life and starting in her youth she's had her fair share of trauma and difficult challenges. After building a life which ticked all the boxes we're convinced to tick to be happy and successful as an adult, there was still a confusing sense of emptiness within the fragile slice of joy.


Nearly a decade ago with 2 little boys in tow, life thrusted upon her the red pill and what began was a journey of completely falling apart, and some more falling apart, and some more breaking. Yet this process catalysed a discovering the world of energy, of the unseen & mystical, and a different way of looking at life based upon what was authentic to her soul.

"Looking back over my life I can see how all the painful and challenging experiences were choice points for me to change and choose who I wanted to be in the world.

I saw all the ways I gave my power to other people and let others have too much influence over who I was in the world.

Do I stay the victim or do I choose happiness?

That question rising over and over again.

Through choosing to live in my highest capacity no matter the challenge, I gradually evolved myself into that higher embodied version of me - the woman who I am proud to be today, the eternally evolving human".

Kylie Wilson healer perth
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Kylie Wilson sound healing

That journey was immersed in learning how energy works, how trauma and contracts from other lives carries through, how sound and vibration impacts not only our body & health but reality itself, how to transform belief systems and a continuing exploration of alternative ideas and concepts. Her journey still continues with more self-care, self-trust, embodiment and a lot of discernment!


Through out the last 9 years Kylie has attained:

  ~ Fitness qualifications including Cert III & IV in Fitness, Les Mills programs, Pilates and Pre & Post Natal exercise.

  ~ Energy medicine knowledge including Crystal Dreaming® practitioner training, Acutonics® Sound Medicine, 8 years of meditation and shamanic journey work, channeling, sound healing, Light Language & voice expression.

  ~ Mental Health qualifications with a Diploma of Mental Health including trauma informed care & cultural awareness, as well as continuous First Aid certifications over the years.

Kylie blends all these qualifications & experiences together and incorporates a truly holistic and multifaceted approach to both her private sessions and group events. The power of sound & frequency underpins all her work as frequency is how we as quantum Beings are created, how we are creator and how we experience All That Is.


Her most potent instrument is her voice, laden with frequency codes she sings in from aspects of her soul & spirit team in other dimensions, timelines & realms. A sound healing experience with Kylie is truly unique and alchemises a powerful journey and DNA transfiguration for the receiver.


 Kylie also offers assistance in translating your multidimensional experiences with meaning and relevance, empowering you to embody your newly found wisdom with context & real-life meaning.

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This is where Kylie's heart & soul has led her. She is still evolving, learning & transforming and always will be. Kylie is most inspired when creating spaces of integrity for healing & self discovery; and offering empowering experiences for human connection, soul remembrance & embodiment to unfold in harmony with our natural humanity .

"I invite you into my transformative spaces to experience your own realisations of power and magic, connecting through nature, frequency, presence, and your multidimensional self so you too can in-joy the evolution of yourself into your highest authentic version of you!"

Kylie Wilson

For the technically inclined... the majority of my qualifications:

Diploma in Mental Health  - Life Academy, 2022

Acutonics® Integrated Sound Medicine, Level 1  -  Acutonics Australia, 2021

NDIS Worker Orientation Module  & Screening Check  - NDIS, 2021

Senior First Aid  -  Various providers  -  2014, 2017,  2021

Mat Pilates  -  Active College of Australia, 2017

Pre & Post Natal Exercise -  ACFB, 2016

Metafit HIIT Training - Metafit, 2016

Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness -   Ora Fitness Institute, 2015

Group Fitness Instruction, Les Mills -  Body Combat 2015, Body Balance 2018 

Crystal Dreaming® Practitioner  -  Raym Richards, 2015

Anti-Gravity Yoga  - Fundamentals & Restorative -  AGY LLC, 2013

Cert IV in Government - Investigations -  Australian Government, 2008

Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Dance) -  WAAPA @Edith Cowan University, 2001 


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