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~ Private Sessions ~

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~ Private Sessions ~

No one can do your healing for you for that is your own gold to claim, however sometimes we need a little reminder and support through the darkest times to realise our capacity to self-heal and align with our Soul.

I provide a safe space of integrity, potency and power with each session encouraging and activate you to take another step into self-empowerment.


I offer beautiful & powerful modalities which help you release the emotional charge from the past and reconnect with the natural wisdom in your body & soul, supporting you in taking ownership of the positive changes needed in your life to create the reality you prefer.


You may be reaching out because of a known issue; you may have insight of a past traumatic event, have awareness of a blockage, feeling stuck or an unhealthy pattern that won't relent, or you may not have a clue but feel something is 'wrong'. 


I work through receiving information from your energy body & our spirit team which show me inner-visions and knowings of the unconscious information in your body & fields as to where these issues are rooted and how to assist you in the moment.


You are indeed so much more than your painful past. You, fellow Human Being, are actually an individual spark of consciousness in this physical form here to create and experience in harmony, the abundance of life here with Mother Earth.


To experience.  To create anew.

This mindset and awareness is the place where I intend to lead you through to, where you are sovereign, centered and aware within the journey that is your life! 

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~ Private Sessions ~

  • De-stress & recalibrate your nervous system with your body's innate ca...

    1 hr

    125 Australian dollars
  • A shamanic style energy clearing & activation session

    1 hr

    125 Australian dollars
  • A guided journey to release trauma held in the body through life times...

    1 hr 30 min

    185 Australian dollars
  • A mental-health approach incorporating the intellect, the soul & the s...

    1 hr

    125 Australian dollars
  • Integrated sound medicine session for children

    45 min

    75 Australian dollars

A Journey Beyond Healing

When you are no longer bound by your past stories, of believing that you are broken, of blaming others for your pain, trying to fix things outside of yourself, or painting a future with the colours of your past, THEN you are finally able to give yourself permission to be free & in your power to live in a higher capacity.

You are in your conscious power when you are self-aware in the present moment now, and now, and now... because in the now you get to choose what you create for yourself, and choose how you experience your life. 


Whether you're coming from a journey of mental wellness or a path of spiritual embodiment, they actually go hand in hand and essentially leading us to the same place. We are all seeking peace, fulfillment, meaning, connection & joy, and the freedom to follow our hearts calling.


This comes when you can alchemise the pain of the past into golden nuggets of inner wisdom. This process is pure magic and one which no one else can do for you, as this wisdom can only be realised by you, it belongs to you and activates a higher expression of you. 


From here, the door to the cosmos opens and you begin to reconnect with your non-physical expressions and start remembering things you won't find in a book, or a course nor in anothers' advice.


From here, words do not suffice and music & sound make more sense as feeling & expression take the drivers seat. Here we are in the quantum, we are in flow with creation, and we begin to move beyond the present-known rules of reality and stretch what we know ourselves to be.


This is the place I love to play in.

This is the space I am here to show you. 

This is the state you are here to remember!


All services and advice provided by Kylie Wilson are given with the clients best intentions and do not replace advice from a Doctor or other Health Professional.

All responsibility of a clients choices remains with the client.
Kylie provides services & suggestions within her scope of training and experience and are not a substitute for medical or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. Services available from Kylie are considered a complementary part of an holistic approach to your health and well being.

Kylie Wilson does NOT claim to cure, treat or diagnose any disease or conditions.

Information gathered from you in your interaction with Kylie or this website will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any person or company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent, other than if it was by legal obligation to do so.

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