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Acutonics® Children 12y & under

Integrated sound medicine session for children

  • 45 min
  • 75 Australian dollars
  • Success

Service Description

Using sound and vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field, Acutonics® is a non-invasive yet powerful, transformational healing system. It can help address a wide range of common ailments as well as offer general support and energy alignment. Using the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine & the evolution of healing sound tools, Acutonics® tuning forks are precision calibrated to the natural harmonics of our universe and are gently applied to the acupressure points and meridians of the body. Acutonics® is a deeply therapeutic and relaxing modality that brings forth balance to your physiological, emotional, mental states & invites a stronger spiritual awareness within the body. An Acutonics session is a literal 'tune-up' and beneficial as regular health maintenance or to address acute situations including: * Stress, insomnia, anxiety, over thinking, tension * Digestion, skin issues, cold & flu symptoms, headaches * Recovering from surgery, accident or physical injury * Big changes in life, endings and beginnings, 'moving on' * Balancing yin & yang, motivation and supporting overall vitality. Acutonics® is suitable as a regular session for maintanence and supporting the body to navigate our modern environment. This appointment is for the younger children and babies, for up to 45 minutes. If the child is not able to receive the full 45 minutes, remaining time can be given to the guardian!

Cancellation Policy

RESCHEDULE: Sessions can be rescheduled within 3 months of original appointment date, with a minimum of 3 hours notice. CANCELATIONS: If appointment is canceled with a minimum 24 hours notice, admin fee of $50 will be retained and the excess refunded. No refund if less than 24 hours notice given. to cancel.

Contact Details

  • Success WA, Australia


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