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Light CoDeX Activation Art

Galactic Frequency Keys to unlock your personal Ascension Codes.

Kylie channels incredibly powerful Light Language codes and has called these healing artworks Light CoDeX Activations.

Light Language contains dense amount of information just like a tiny computer chip. The CoDeX becomes a portal to deliver codes that activate in your Light Body. Your CoDeX will bring to you multiple layers of frequency from higher dimensions which go straight into your physical and quantum DNA.

You can often feel your body respond to the incoming codes with goosebumps, a little tingle through your body or feel an area of you body/chakra changing or expanding.

You can now order your own unique channeled artwork from Kylie. Once your order is confirmed she will tap into your Soul's energy and "download" Light Codes into Artwork that will unlock many layers of multidimensional keys within your being as you continue on your Ascension journey.

Option 1:  A4 210gsm card: $144 - includes wooden frame 

Option 2:  Stretched canvas with crystals and copper components: 

smallest size 40cm x 50cm: $360 


Larger stretched canvas: quote provided upon enquiry.

To order your Light CoDeX Activation artwork please contact Kylie here.

Live Event!

Come and experience a full body upgrade from channeled Light CoDeX Artworks that deliver galactic frequency codes to your Light Body.

As you enter the room you feel the energy coming from the artwork into the space.Taking your time to look and feel into each one, you chose one to work with and sit down with it.

Once the group have selected their pieces Kylie will show you how to connect with the Code using breath or sound or even movement.
Kylie will also offer a personal Light Language activation or healing as per your needs on the day and the code you have chosen.

Then immersing yourself in a live soundscape to experience an intimate integration with the CoDeX through Sacred Sound.

You will have an opportunity to chose another code and repeat the process, and depending on time maybe a third code.

At the end you will have an opportunity to purchase your favorite code or arrange for Kylie to channel a new code for you personally.

The Light CoDeX artworks on display will be created by Kylie especially for this event so no one would have seen them before you!

You will feel your body respond to some more than others, but when you have them in your hands and receive sound activations with it - it is an INCREDIBLE experience!

Bookings Essential:

Sunday 19th May 2019
10am to 11.15am
Location: A Place Just to Be - East Freo
Exchange: $44