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~ Light CoDeX ~
Custom channeled artwork

Light CoDeX Kyile Wilson

These artworks are one-of-a-kind & personally channeled for you.

The Light CoDeX's are powerful, cosmic tools that are truly alive, offering layers of information as you level up your frequency. Each Light CoDeX is an activating portal which opens multiple layers of intelligence from higher dimensions, awakening codes with your physical and quantum DNA. ​

These symbols are deeply encoded, each carrying a library of information and somewhat beyond a ‘translation’. Your brain will want to understand: what does it mean? What does it do? What is it for?

The symbols are beyond what our earthly brain has experienced before thus there is nothing logical or “real” for your brain to reference it to.

The Light Language symbols bypass the brain and interface with your innate body & DNA where there is a deeper recognition that knows what to do with the codes. You can feel your body respond to the codes sometimes with goose-bumps, a little tingle through your body, feeling emotional, or sense an area of your body changing or expanding. You may receive a full interpretation in your knowing, however it is up to you to decipher what it means as different people will see and receive different information & interpretations.

You can use the codes with meditation, as a healing tool, or simply have it in your home or sacred space to unfurl it's magic into your world. You will pick up exactly what you need from it even if you are not consciously connecting with it.

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Examples of previous Light CoDeX designs:

Watch a mini size Light CoDeX come to life!

 A4 card (210gsm) personal artwork design: $144. 


A3 card (210gsm) personal artwork design: $288.

Canvas painting with crystals & copper elements: starts from $400

**Postage cost additional - quoted upon request**

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