~ the Light CoDeX ~



Light CoDeX

Order a custom channeled Light CoDeX artwork    uniquely created just for you


Activate your body temple through Light CoDeX's , live sound healing and a personal activation.


~ custom Light CoDeX art ~

Each Light CoDeX is an activating portal which opens multiple layers of intelligence from higher dimensions, triggering codes with your physical and quantum DNA. 

These artworks are one-of-a-kind & personally channeled for you.

Kylie began 'downloading' these codes onto paper at the beginning of 2019 and continued to evolve into incredibly powerful cosmic artworks. The Light CoDeX's are powerful, cosmic tools that are truly alive, offering layers of codes as you become ready for the next piece. The Light Language symbols bypass the brain and unlock your bodies innate ability to translate the codes.

These symbols are so deeply encoded, each carrying a library of information and somewhat beyond a ‘translation’. Your brain will want to understand: what does it mean? What does it do? What is it for?

The symbols are beyond what the conditioned brain has experienced before – there is nothing logical or “real” for your brain to reference it with, no sense of “understanding”. 

Instead you can feel your body respond to the incoming codes with goosebumps, a little tingle through your body, feeling emotional, or sense an area of your body changing or expanding.

You can use the codes with meditation, as a healing tool, or simply have it in your home or sacred space to spill it's magic into your world. You will pick up exactly what you need from it even if you are not consciously connecting with it.


Some examples of previously commissioned CoDeX's :

Watch a mini size Light CoDeX come to life!

Each artwork is made to order. Size options:

Option 1:  A4 card (210gsm) in wooden frame: $144. 

Option 2:  Stretched canvas with crystals and copper components: 

starting from: 40cm x 50cm: $290 


Option 3:  Larger stretched canvas: quote provided upon enquiry.

**Postage cost additional - quoted upon request**


~ CoDeX experiential workshop ~

Join Kylie as she presents a collection of Light CoDeX's for your to experience

a live activation of these codes in your body. 

 In a group setting, immerse yourself in a live soundscape for an intimate integration with the CoDeX through Sacred Sound & Star Language. During the workshop Kylie will be able to help you connect with your chosen CoDeX & offer a personal Light Language activation or healing as per your needs on the day and the code you have chosen.

You will be able to experience between 2 to 3 different CoDeX's pieces during the workshop giving you the opportunity for an incredible amount of energy clearing, healing and upgrades.

At the end you will have an opportunity to purchase your favorite code or arrange for Kylie to channel a new code for you personally.

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