Irena B.

"I still really don’t have all the words to express what happened at last Sunday’s Ancestral DNA De-Coding Ceremony.

All I know is that it was such a stunning scared immersion, which so beautifully balanced both galactic and ancient earth energies. These energies have now spilled into every pore of my being and the activations continually taking place this week are completely off the chart.

I also feel, as a group we really assisted to help shapeshift the collective conscious in a BIG BIG HUGE way.
A million thank you’s Kylie, I truly honour the work that you are doing is beyond EPIC

Lisa R.

"I attended the Ancestral DNA Decoding ceremony just over a week ago, and I have to say it has opened my world up into a whole new level! I thought I knew, but now I know that I actually knew nothing, or everything has shifted.


Kylie has the soul and voice of an angel, she holds a sacred space of light, safety and integrity and I am looking forward to being a part of many future ceremonies.

With love and light xxx"


Richelle M.

"I attended Kylie's soul retreat recently and it was amazing. There was a fab group of ladies, the food was delicious and I loved the activities, healings and meditations. I had a lot of shifts over the weekend, learnt a lot and feel lighter ever since. Thank you Kylie"


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Jessica J.

"Kylie holds a beautiful safe space for you to journey to your inner self and guides. Her big heart radiates from her and I felt so amazing during and after this weekends ceremony.


Absolutely no ego or pretentiousness. Highly recommend you journey with Kylie if you are called ! Oh and the sound was MAGICAL too."

Karine B.

"Thank you so much for

taking me through such a

powerful and transformative journey in the 

Trinity Eclipse Portal meditations.


I could feel the intensity of the DNA upgrades and emotional release during the meditations, and I always felt safe in the knowledge that Kylie was guiding us gently through them. I experienced a deep sense of completion after the final meditation and I look forward to seeing the changes unfolding in my life.


I would highly recommend Kylie's meditations to anyone who wants to step into another dimension!"

Kelly P.

"I’ve always felt at ease with Kylie's spiritual presence. Her energy is calming and you feel comfortable in any situation.

In my Crystal Dreaming session, I realised I had to be honest with myself and share some difficult and emotional experiences, which can be tough.


Throughout the session Kylie constantly checked in on how I was feeling and although some of the emotions were raw and heavy, the healing was unbelievable. I walked away from the session feeling light and knowing that I’m no longer the beliefs that I held from so long ago."


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Bren F.

"The very day I met Kylie Wilson i knew how powerful she is.
I had a personal healing session with Kylie, we found & cleared some energies attached that did not belong and had possibly been affecting me for lifetimes.


Later in a Crystal Dreaming session I really had no idea what to expect... but I can tell you that what happened in that session you just cant make this stuff up. I just didn't question it and let it flow as it needed to - it certainly triggered a deep healing process that I will never forget. That alone tells me it was real. Very specific events in two ancient lifetimes that held very personal and deep trauma. Not only cleared those energies for myself but for all the other beings that were involved and so it was very powerful in its healing effects across time and space. It truly is amazing what is possible if we are willing.

I have deep gratitude for Kylie being able to hold space for me in that session. If I let my self I could be horrified at how vulnerable I was in such delicate and sensitive and deeply personal subjects in those clearings. And yet I felt completely safe to let go - I don't think I've sobbed so much in a session as that one. As much as I pride myself on my vulnerability and transparency in life it was fucking intense disclosing all of that out loud to someone. Again thank you dear one.! 


And I just need to say how much I appreciate & honour who Kylie is as a HEALER and my friend, and how she approaches her role in working with these powerful energies in helping others be free of ancient & deep traumatic events that have been interfering with us for lifetimes."



"Kylie has taught me so much about how our bodies work physically and spiritually and I felt so much knowledge soak in. I loved how all the girls on the retreat pitched in and created comradery.


I loved the crystals and the food was great and the location was lovely and affordable. Everything was Perfect!

Thank you so much!"

Kath R.

"Gosh, how to pick my favourite part?! It covered so many areas, but I would have to say the evening meditation.


Kylie is so open and knowledgeable, encouraging without judgement or rigid rules, not a ‘1 size fits all’ which was so refreshing.


My biggest take away from Kylie’s retreat is that I can trust my body."

Greg M.

As soon as we connected on the first group session I immediately sensed the energies to be different. I can't explain it, but I knew things are going to be different.

After each session I felt freedom, awesomeness, and amazing! After completing the 3 Eclipse sessions with Kylie, the changes are very tangible and the effects on my life has been so profound.

Kylie’s facilitation is unique and very much a pleasure. Intense at times but very effective in shifting energies that needed to be shifted!! I am in total gratitude of our paths crossing, and am looking forward to further connecting with you and the group."