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Holistic Mental Health Therapy Session

Collaborating with the mind, body & soul to find the root cause & the best solutions for you.

  • 1 hour
  • 130 Australian dollars
  • Success

Service Description

Psychospiritual Therapy is perfect for anyone seeking mental health support outside the 'clinical box', where you can feel empowered and safe to unpack past experiences, traumas, relationships, concepts or inexplicable phenomena and be truly heard & validated. Psychospiritual Therapy encompasses a wide range of approaches that recognise the spiritual dimension as fundamental to psychological well-being and human development. With a client centered approach, all aspects of your human experience are considered to create a solutions focused pathway forward for your personal inner growth & mental positivity; through exploring practical methods that reconnect you back to your natural self. I have a lot of experience supporting people going through: *Major changes in the way one see's the world/reality. *Transforming personal values & seeking purpose in life. *Identity crisis from a milestone life event. *Looping patterns or unhealthy behaviours (conscious & unconscious). *A calling to incorporate more Soul into their daily life. *Hit a dead-end with a strictly clinical approach to health. *Being a 'black sheep' & feeling disconnected from others. *Had a psychedelic or an altered-state experience & seeking help to integrate. Psychedelics are certainly not new & have been part of many traditional cultures across the world for many thousands of years. Currently there is a renewed focus on psychedelics and despite it's illegal classification in Australia, the psychedelic culture is alive & strong which means access to integrity based integration is needed. What can be underestimated when deciding to undertake a psychedelic is the after affects, particularly if your set and setting was not ideal and/or you may have been unsupported through your trip experience. Or you may be seeking support to help unpack what came up & integrate into a new version of yourself. I can also assist with strategies to help you positively navigate impacts on your family and other relationships in an empowering way. With a Diploma in Mental Health including trauma informed care practices, 7 years experience in shamanic energy work & sound healing and my own various psychedelic experiences, I combine the clinical & spiritual together to offer you a safe, educated space for you to discuss & help find meaning from your experience. These session can be done in person, or via video call / zoom meeting.

Cancellation Policy

RESCHEDULE: Sessions can be rescheduled within 3 months of original appointment date, with a minimum of 3 hours notice. CANCELATIONS: If appointment is canceled with a minimum 24 hours notice, admin fee of $50 will be retained and the excess refunded. No refund if less than 24 hours notice given. to cancel.

Contact Details

  • Success WA, Australia


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