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The Power of Human Connection

We are wired to thrive when we are with another.

Our bodies activate chemically uplifting signals when we are with a person of harmonic frequency. Our DNA expression changes as a result, enhancing our natural abilities and creative force.

Each person benefits and this expansion is downloaded into the Earth

We are wired to thrive when we are in community.

Our bodies fire up frequency signals to one another when we gather in a group of harmonic flow.

Our DNA expression changes as a result, and amplifies out into our human collective, enhancing our collective creative force. All people benefit and this collective experience is downloaded into the Earth.

We are wired to thrive when we are in commune with nature.

Our bodies are designed as fully integrated aspects of Earths ecosystems.

Our DNA evolves with this planet along with all life within her ecosystems.

When we are conscious of this, we activate galactic DNA codes which we brought here to Earth to embody.

All life benefits and this planetary expansion is downloaded into the galactic heart.

Human connection reminds us of our truth, of what we really are.

Human connection nurtures our very existence and supports our full creative expression

Human connection strengthens higher octaves of our DNA and awareness of our life force.

Human connection creates ripples of evolution across the planet and into the galaxy.

Human connection is a super power, and is our immunity from all that seeks to impair life.

We are our own keys to the cosmos & through human connection we unlock experiences that enrich our Earthly experience, and enhance a fulfilling exploration of life and potential.

When we gather with aligned intention, we become immune from the systems imposed upon our minds that seek to distract us, make us feel unloved, separate, misunderstood, limited, shameful and self–rejecting.

The power of human connection is our way out of this planetary tyranny and back to our natural design. Back to creativity, joy, curiosity, love and free expression.

Authentic human connection is more powerful than any man-made rules, and will un-do all the damage done in all dimensions & realms in their complex efforts to destroy the sovereign human.

Have a look at the world right now…. Look how they have tried to make us believe that we are a disease on this planet, that we are a health risk to each other, that we are killing the planet, that we are not safe to follow our natural instincts to be with one another.

It's because they know how our natural power amplifies when we connect, and it would mean the end of the rule of corporations.

Human connection is our key, our immunity, our hall pass, our get out of jail free card.

I call to humanity to reconnect intimately into your natural human design, to connect with one another, connect in community and connect back into nature. Then…. we free our human experience, and our beloved planet.

I know this all to be true because I feel it in myself, and I feel and see it in my workshops and retreats. With aligned intentions and open hearts, humanity is a force to be reckoned with and all we have to do is remember that for ourselves and each other.

Coming together helps us all remember, whether it be having a picnic, group meditation, supporting a friend, caring & playing with children, connecting with your pet or a admiring a wild animal, being at a woman's circle, men's circle, song circle, camping with friends.

Human connection is one of our basic needs and is the answer to so many of our perceived problems.

Connect with your humanness and receive the subtle gifts we can provide each other, and before you know it we have changed the world.


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