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Don't give up!

Dear friends,

We are right on the cusp. Closer and closer we move collectively towards the pivot point of our entire race!

The evidence of the cover-ups is rising, becoming more and more obvious. It’s easy to lose hope right now because we are T I R E D of the BS and having to work So HARD to just get through some days…. But this is a message of encouragement and hope!

So many walks of life are awakening to the facts, the hypocrisy, and the manipulation of our psyche to our detriment. It’s not just ‘spiritual’ people either. Grass roots movement has been seeded and bloomed in ALL walks of life across the world, nurturing a passion within their communities to question the narrative, to discern the true agenda of people in authority, and to stand up for what is real and true.

Humanity is real and true. Love, kindness, choice, connection, nature are real and true. We are learning (ie, remembering) how to respect and honour what is real and true and it is just beautiful.

BUT – it’s also very uncomfortable.

More filth needs to be revealed yet for the world to truly see what has been created and perpetrated, and with that revelation will come more pain, shock, anger, grief, and sorrow. There is more to come…. More needs to be exposed in it’s true nature so please remember to allow yourself to feel those emotions if they rise within you. Know that sometimes they are collective and not just yours and not to get stuck in the heaviness for too long.

People on the edge of this reality are part of a witnessing and acknowledgment of what has come to pass here. To acknowledge our own role in this realms creation, perpetration, victimhood, martyrdom, and most of all, giving our power away thinking that Source, love, acceptance, validation and knowledge are all outside of us.

As we reclaim our collective power back as a collect human race, we need to see and inner-stand ALL parts of our collective experience and we need each other for this.

To help each other through this is pivotal as well. To come together in conscious community again, we learn (remember) to respect the free choice of all others and take full accountability of our own behaviour choices, actions and reactions.

But that is often easier said than done!

Put self-care at the top of your list, and second on your list is being there for your friends, family and even strangers in a non-judgmental way. Just be a good human! Be true to the nature of who you are.

The power of Compassion!

Hold compassion in your heart and mind for yourself… and for each other and we will get through this evolution with less distress than if we continue to point out our differences or point the finger as to who is to blame.

I want to encourage all who read this that there is no avoiding the rising of humanity! We’ve been here and tried through several ancient civilisations in our hidden past but those attempts apparently ended in a destruction and a re-set.

This time – we have done it. But as I said above revelations still need to play out for the full fruition of disclosure to happen. There are wavering timelines as to what that looks like and how long it will take BUT there is an INEVITABLE CONVERGANCE of our collective timelines that complete in our collective awakening to Truth.

Bring yourself back to a place of compassion as much as you can during this new reality birthing. We are experiencing frequency contractions, just as a mothers’ body prepares to give birth to new life in this world the intensity increases and increases as we together, birth a new world into reality!

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others and move your thoughts and actions in the direction of what you want. Spend more time dreaming, planning, playing with what ever you want to fruition in your life. Feed that, nurture that, and be patient as the world will slowly follows suit.

Together with our unique individuality and respect for all life (and I mean ALL life), we are the pioneers of a new reality birthed from the ashes of this crumbling world.

You will rise again. We will rise again. Nothing can stop what has been already Divinely chosen.

Be at peace within yourself. Revel in the magnificence when you have space for that, and when you are depleted and empty go to your cocoon and self nurture, be your own saviour and stoke that inner fire until you are ready to come out again.

We are in the Crucible…. And we are here because we are the best equipped Soul’s for the job!

Call a friend, walk in nature, B R E A T H E, gift yourself a sound healing, a massage, dance in your kitchen, sing in the shower, hug a loved one for 10 seconds instead of 3, look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re a hero, and that you have this and we are all here for each other in our own beautiful unique way.

Thank you for being you, for being with me on Earth right now, thankyou for seeing me, and thank you for seeing yourself - awakening to your own true beauty and wonderment.

Thank you Infinite Being who reads this – you are valuable and your experiences are important because we represent Life itself, dark, light and everything in between.

Keep that inner flame alive!

**Below is my latest Light CoDeX for you to enjoy, created on 4th July 2021. I would love to know your interpretation**

Kylie xx

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