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Kylie Wilson

From the stars we are Born;

From Gaia we Create;

From our Hearts we return to our Cosmic Sovereignty

Join Kylie in this 4 hour experiential journey into the multi-verse that is your DNA.

This ceremony was downloaded to Kylie through Soul remembering. A catalyst for the return of your original 12 strand DNA, and the re-awakening of your Soul Mastery laying within.

Let 2019 be the year you re-awaken & embrace your Galactic Wisdom!


Kylie channels these incredible Light Language Codes which emanate very powerful galactic frequencies.

They are a healing and activation tool that will penetrate deep into your super-conscious, your smart body and your DNA.


Kylie works together with your Higher self and Galactic guides to provide you with your unique healing experience. Kylie uses several grid systems, crystals, Light Language, crystal bowls and medicine drum to intuitively heal, release blockages and activate higher frequency pathways for you.



A fortnightly gathering where fun is the main focus! We are creating our own momentum of new abundance based on great company, music, games, food and friendship!

In a time when nothing feels the same anymore we are projecting into our reality what we want to experience. Joy & Laughter & Connection!

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Break free from the status quo and become a Spiritual Rebel.

This mentorship is a support system to help you find your own Truth and to find the confidence to live by your own code of Truth in your daily life. Step out of the push and pull between old grid and the new 5D paradigms.


A powerful Shamanic journey into your past lives to heal and release emotional trauma.

Do you have repeating patterns that won't budge? Or a trauma from your past that still holds you back?

Crystal Dreaming is utterly transformational and an extremely empowering way to get to the core behind why and heal it for good!

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