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Discernment & Soul Truth

A transformational co-creation to re-define your True North, master how to filter all the noise outside & discern what’s really best for you.


Embody more of your Soul Truth & be guided by the GPS of your Inner Knowing.

**Are you getting lost among the increasing advice and chatter about

The Shift / Event, Ascension Waves & different Light Codes?

**Do you feel overwhelmed with all the spiritual advice, increasing contradictions and you don’t know who/what to believe any more?

**Are you beginning to see that even the “spiritual world” has been partially

distorted and you desire to be more discerning of the Truth?

The person who knows what’s best for you – is you. However it’s the deepest intuitive part of you that holds this knowing. Due to the distortion and high-jacking that has occurred in our Earth reality for eons, this deep knowing has been buried beneath conditioning, manipulation, programming and trauma. 


In this mentorship we’ll explore deep into the many aspects of self that synchronise you into this amazing creature called a Human Being. You will discover exactly where you are now, what your Soul Truth’s and gifts are, transcend old frequencies 

 to integrate all into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.

If humanity is to ascend into the 4th density, then each of us need to stand up to claim who and what we are. Our galactic family is here to support humanity, but they will not do the work for us. They are not going to fly down and save us. No-one and no-thing is coming in to swoop in and save the day.


WE have to embody all of our strengths and weakness, all our Light and Dark, all our physical and non-physical layers to graduate through our self-realisation.


We can no longer just announce some fancy clearing declarations and stay in a bubble of protection. We need to get out there in the world, walk our walk, talk our talk, and take ownership of ourselves.

In this mentorship your belief systems, spiritual practices and Soul awareness will get an overhaul. We'll clear away distortions that may have crept it’s way in to distract you from your Truth. We will deepen your innate remembering through Mother Gaia, re-calibrate your relationship through her as Divine So-phi-ah.

  Each week will be an unfolding of healing, self-acceptance and remembering.

A peeling away of the old layers to create your unique pathway forward to a higher Soul awareness and embodiment. To become unquestionably confident in who you are in every breath, every heart beat.

All of our human-ness is a gift, and ALL of it is required to fully realise our universal potential. The health of our body temple is often severely underestimated by people on this path, but the physical body actually holds the access portals to everything we are seeking to remember.

A strong and nutritionally supported body will handle more upgrades, more power & stronger frequencies. Kylie will utilise her experience as a Personal Trainer to help you take the best care of your nutrition, strength and stamina. The physical body is a vital component that won’t get left behind in this mentorship!

We have chosen to come back to mother Earth over and over again, we've been building wisdom and momentum for THIS moment in our history. We prepared for this Time by holding memory keys for each other. Through synchronicity and connection we unlock pieces of each others Soul puzzle in perfect moments of connection.

I am so grateful for all the people who have triggered codes & remembering for me through healing, shamanic journey, initiations, channeling and simply sharing their Soul gifts in the world.


How amazing that we planned to do this for each other!

So I stand forward now & share the gifts and codes I carry in my DNA and Soul Essence. I embrace my vibrational essence as one of the holders Earth's original Codes - a remembering which was re-ignited during my recent Sacred Site journey through England.

Stonehenge, Salisbury, UK - June 2019
Necturns Glen, Tintangel, UK - June 2019

I am ready to link arms with some courageous souls who are ready to be ferociously self-loving, to be unapologetically Truthful, to be magnificently joyful, and embrace a life path of freedom and sovereignty.

This mentorship is unstructured so we can embrace your unique needs & wants for your highest benefit and joy. No matter where you are in your journey of life, you deserve to flourish with confidence & self-empowerment.

You owe it to yourself to embody your Truth.

The world needs you to do this!

Lets co-create some magical synchronicities to witness the unfolding of your deepest Truth & Soul emanation.

*Book a complimentary 30 minute Zoom call to see if a

mentorship with Kylie is right for you*


Where: world-wide & on-line.

When: Begin your 3 month journey any time.

What: Each week, receive 2 private mentoring sessions via Zoom:

**1 hour session: Personal discussions & support, goal setting, Includes any energy clearing, past life healing, upgrades, DNA activations, Light Codes as identified, life coaching, mind-set coaching, clearing old beliefs / patterns, conscious parenting, parenting the "New Children",  planning tasks to complete during the week and celebrating your wins!


**30 minute session: Focusing primarily on health, nutrition, movement and exercise. This is tailored specifically for your needs & circumstances.

----- 90 minutes each week, totaling 19.5 hours over 13 weeks ------


$2222 AUD for Australian clients (Single session value comparison = $2925)

Payment plan option: 3 x monthly payments of $745 AUD


$1699 USD for all international clients (overseas payment via PayPal only)

Payment plan option: 3 x monthly payments of $580 USD

Come on a journey with me into the depths of yourself & remember the Truth of who you really are.


Honour your Truth,

Honour our Soul,

Listen to your heart now –

Listen for the call.

Kylie x