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The Joy Gathering

One fortnight we meet south at my home in Success, and the following fortnight we meet north at Renee's house in Mt Hawthorn.

You can contribute to our celebration by bringing a plate of something healthy and yummy to share, bring a game or your some favourite teas, bring a movie to watch or you can donate $5 to the abundance kitty which will be invested back into our fun activities for the Joy Gathering.

Otherwise this is a free event. Although there are some spiritual themes the whole idea is to get ‘out of our heads’ and have fun, so we might not discuss anything ‘spiritual’ at all! Think of it as a PARTY, nothing too serious or heavy!


The Joy Gathering, is a fortnightly gathering where the only thing planned is genuine human connection and FUN!


This is a collaboration with myself and friend / fellow healer Renne Cusworth of Spirit Connect.

We decided that we are in a time that we need to push forward into a new state of abundance that does not reply of other things happening first. It is time for us to revel in the inherent abundance at our fingertips, to be in the feelings of joy, fun, friendship and celebration now.... not later!

We are creating a space for both men and woman to remember how to relax & enjoy being in each others company for the pure enjoyment of it. To let our hair down without the help of booze or spending extravagant money. To remind ourselves we can be abundant in good food, good company, good music, playing games, dancing, singing songs, to laugh & FEEL joy without anything else happening first. 

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Renee and I

look forward to

celebrating with you!

The Great Pyramid, October 2017