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Journey to Remembering Event

Private access page for Journey to Remembering community members.

Sacred Medicine Ceremony Invitation

We still have a few places left for this weekend & would like to extend some options for those who may not be able stay both nights:

  • Option 1: Arrive Friday evening: enjoy a deeper connection & fully facilitated weekend


  • Option 2: Arrive Saturday 10am: 3 workshops, ceremony & 1 night accom.


  • Option 3: Arrive Saturday 2pm: ceremony & 1 night accom.

**Cost: We are a heart-based enterprise and believe in sustainable generosity. If you really feel the call to participate in this retreat and money is the only thing stopping you, please contact us to discuss:

October Retreat poster final.png

If you have been looking for the right time to journey with mushrooms, you can't get better than an immersion in nature with compassionate & experienced facilitators.

To register your attendance, please complete the form at this link:

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