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~ offerings ~


An intuitively guided personal sacred session; activate self-healing & the sacred codes within you.


A deeply therapeutic experience, bringing alignment & Chi balance through sound harmonics.


Travel through time & space to experience an empowering self-healing of past traumas.


An immersion of sacred instrumentals & voice to relax & recalibrate body and Soul

Personal Sessions
intutive healing

~ shamanic healing ~

Multidimensional Healing that empowers your higher-self embodiment & a return to wholeness.

Kylie offers you a sacred healing portal to support you in your healing & conscious expansion. Guided by your body, the higher-self and soul teams, Kylie transmits powerful cosmic & multi-dimensional frequency codes that supports trauma healing & integration, clear old patterns through your lineage & timelines, reinstate quantum DNA harmonics, and channel guidance in a very practical & relevant context.

First we'll meet that which shows up for healing on the day with compassion and care. Kylie is trained in Trauma Informed Care practices and holds an authentic space with integrity. We'll then activate the next layer of your multidimensional DNA and cosmic gifts, and bring through guidance from your Soul and Star Family.

Kylie will draw upon all her tools & skills as guided in the moment which may include:
*Chanelled energy work
*Sacred Sound instruments
*Shamanic singing & toning
*Planetary calibrated tuning forks
*Light Language
*Guided shamanic journey

Kylie will let you know what is happening throughout the session so at completion you're feeling self-empowered, super clear, energised, grounded & confident in how to best apply the guidance received.

You are your best healer and the answers are within you. Each session is intended to expand your capacity to embody your Divine-Self and activate more of what your Soul is calling in for you.

Available in person or via internet video call.

1 hour session: $125

Marble Surface

~ acutonics® attunement ~

Using sound and vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field, Acutonics® is a non-invasive yet powerful, transformational healing system. It can help address a wide range of common ailments including stress, pain, sleep issues, post surgery recovery, low energy, mental wellbeing, and can also assist on a more psycho-spiritual, emotional & energetic level. 

Acutonics® is suitable for people of all ages including babies and children.

Everything in our universe oscillates it's own unique frequency from the stars & planets in the galaxies right down to the sub-atomic particles & photons that make up all matter, including our cells &DNA. Modern life is constantly influencing our mind & body with noise & technology that pulls us out of our organic frequency which the body communicates to us through symptoms & discomfort. 

Using the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine & the evolution of healing sound tools, Acutonics® tuning forks are precision calibrated to the natural harmonics of our universe and are gently applied to the acupressure points and meridians of the body. Acutionics® is a deeply therapeutic and relaxing modality that brings forth balance to your physiological, emotional, mental states & invites a stronger spiritual awareness within the body.


An Acutonics session is a literal 'tune-up' and beneficial as regular health maintenance or to address acute situations including:

* Stress, insomnia, anxiety, over thinking, tension

* Digestion, skin issues, cold & flu symptoms, headaches

* Recovering from surgery, accident or physical injury

* Supporting post-pregnancy recovery & rejuvenation

* Big changes in life, endings and beginnings, 'moving on'

* Feeling stale or stuck, breaking old habits/ cycles/ addictions
* Balancing yin & yang, motivation and supporting vitality.

* Supports reproductive health, PMT, hormone balance.

A pre-session intake form will be sent to you so that a custom treatment can be planned for you.

This treatment is also suitable for children and babies (30 minutes only). 

Available in person or via internet video call.

1 hour sessions: $125

Children & babies: $70

crystal dreaming

~ crystal dreaming ~

Crystal DreamingTM is a modality where YOU get to activate your cellular memory & journey into past lives to reveal the core source of emotional trauma. Kylie safely guides you through this unique modality to heal & release blocks from what ever life time they originated from. 

The crystal mandala assists you to unlock your cellular memory to reveal what is holding you back the most right now. Then you are guided to journey trough time and space to understand when and why the trauma happened, receive guidance to resolve the trauma and heal your own energy body. After clearing traumas & time permitting, you meet your Spirit Guides to receive higher dimensional healing & guidance. 

This session is perfect if you have repeating patterns that you are struggling to resolve, if you're struggling to let go of a past event, or have a mystery condition that doesn't make sense to you. It may also reveal the answers that other methods of healing have not been able to provide you. I love how transformative & self-empowering this modality is as it opens up your awareness for more self-healing.

These sessions can only be facilitated in person.

Crystal Dreaming is available at Kylie's healing space in Success, WA.

90 minute session: $185

Marble Surface

~ sound activations ~

There are plenty of sound healings around, but then there are Kylie's sound activations.

Kylie's sound sessions are different each time as she is intuitively lead by the energetic needs of those in the room and co-creates through that frequency in the moment.


Kylie channels everything live with the intention of bringing through the codes & keys that offer the most beneficial healing, clearing, activation and remembrance for those present.

You will hear various sounds not only from her instruments, but also from the shamanic vocals which change from earthy, tribal, ancient, to ethereal, angelic & cosmic. 

Kylie's event's are published on her Facebook page and added below if she's organised ; )


“ I have been attending Kylie's sessions for a long time now and I still have no words for the magic that flows through her every time she sings."


"Kylie's voice and light language opened and awakened things inside me that I had forgotten, it was a most wonderful and expanding experience. My heart is so full and I am so grateful for her magic."


Kylie is available to offer your group or event a unique sound session.

To cater to your groups needs & intentions Kylie can also include;

** Cacao Ceremony **

** Guided Meditation **

** Integration Circle ** 

Price is negotiable depending on travel time, attendees, & length of session.

Please send an enquiry to get the ball rolling.

Sound Activations
Pink Blossom

Tamera L.

"When I met Kylie, I felt quite disconnected from my body and questioned what I knew to be true for me. I felt overwhelmed by all the voices and influences in my reality. Kylie gently guided me to reconnect and trust my inner knowing, to discern what is in alignment for me. 


There is a magic and pureness to Kylie that provides a sacred space for exploration, reflection, and new awareness. I thoroughly enjoyed my Mentor sessions with Kylie and would highly recommend her if you need a nudge (or more!) to remember who you are."

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