~ personal sessions ~

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Healing & Activations

Intuitively guided personal 

session; heal & activate what you are ready for right now.


Crystal Dreaming

Release trauma from past life times, complete contracts & gain clarity.

For those who are ready to evolve beyond the Chakra and Kundalini systems.


Alignment Mentoring

A 6 week spiritual overhaul to fast track you into self trust, deep awareness & personal truth.


~ intuitive healing &

soul code activations ~

A powerful session to embody more of your Soul awareness & manifest more of your gifts into this world.

An intuitively lead session, guided by your body, our higher-self and galactic team, I will facilitate a unique healing experience according to your present moment needs & highest aligned path.

This session aims to increase your awareness, clarity, confidence & self-empowerment. 

This session could include any of the following:

*Removal of overlays, attachments, implants, contracts, convents & agreements etc.

*Clearing and removal of mind interference & technology,

*Upgrades for your DNA, Light Body & Nervous system,

*Activating dormant codes from your organic human blueprint,

*Akashic Record journey to reawaken ancestral mastery.

*Past life journey to integrate old timelines.

*Mother Gaia Cosmic Water upgrade & Blueprint upgrades

*Solar-Heart Portal activation

*Dragon Body activation

Kylie will use an array of tools to assist the healing & transformation of energy including:

~ Sacred Sounds instruments, Voice Toning ~ Light Language, Light CoDeX symbols ~ Crystals ~

Available in person or via internet video call.

1 hour session: $125


~ crystal dreaming ~

"Crystal Dreaming" TM is a modality where YOU get to activate your cellular memory & journey into past lives to reveal the core source of emotional trauma. Kylie safely guides you through this unique modality to heal & release blocks from what ever life time they originated from. 

The crystal mandala assists you to unlock your cellular memory to reveal what is holding you back the most right now. Then you are guided to journey trough time and space to understand when and why the trauma happened, resolve the trauma and heal the energy body. After trauma has cleared and time permitting, you meet your Spirit Guides to receive healing & guidance. 

This session is perfect if you have repeating patterns that you are struggling to move away from, if you're struggling to let go of a past event, or have a mystery condition that doesn't make sense to you. It may also reveal the answers that other methods of healing have not been able to provide you. I love how transformative & self-empowering this modality is as it opens up your awareness for more self-healing.

These sessions can only be facilitated in person.

Kylie's healing space is located in Success, WA.

90 minute session: $185


~ transcending the chakras ~

This session is for those who have decided they are ready to evolve beyond the Chakra & Kundalini systems & who desire to expand their Earth experience without them.


What?!! Get rid of the Chakras you say?!

The chakras and kundalini have been extremely useful and help us connect to a more powerful energy. But let me ask you a question: if we ARE Source, if we are infinite & made of stardust & have everything within us - then why are we taught to connect to an externalised "Source" energy? (albeit seemingly beautiful and powerful). Ready to swallow the red pill again??

The Chakras and the Kundalini are systems which have been over-layed over our organic form to intersect and compartmentalise our infinite Soul energy. Although the chakra and kundalini teachings go back a long time, and have been useful, we are beginning to step into a Time/Space where they are holding us back.

This "Source Light" our chakras & kundalini connect into is an ancient entity reliant on other Beings linking to "feed" & maintain itself. But just like the mafia protects those in their territory who pay them to be in their favour, humanity is offered a similar bargain in exchange for our 'payment' of energy in the way of protection, power, guidance and healing. 

The chakras and kundalini can still be used beneficially and serve positively for many people, however

it's important to understand this system serves a reality of containment, cycles and control. 

It co-incides with how the Earth was encapsulated and quarantined from the rest of the cosmos. And what happens to Earth we experience in our human form. We were disconnected from our cosmic knowing, memories & ability to communicate and 'breathe' with the rest of creation beyond our planet.

The chakras and kundalini served as an effective alternative, or maybe we were convinced so. But now as Earth and hummanity have chosen to change the game, we have chosen to be sovereign again and return to our organic resonance. The quarantine has been lifted and we begin to see the truth of things, we realise we are actually bigger than the chakras and kundalini and we can now chose to release ourselves from them, awaken our organic blueprints & reclaim our cosmic sovereignty.

The true infinite source IS within you and to access it fully without interference, you can have the chakra & kundalini systems "removed". In place we activate your Core Star which in my experience is our personal Sun & our true access point to infinite Prime Creator Light that we are. We are made of star dust - we are star dust, we are suns radiating through into the physical plane, a Creator Being in human form.

Once you have this process completed you will feel a radical change in your body and reality.

 You will feel more connected to Mother Gaia, easier to ground, a greater sense of your own resonance, more confidence as you strengthen your awareness of higher dimensional soul aspects.

You will experience a massive reduction in mind chatter and energy interference, less doubt, less worry, and a peaceful confidence in your human self & abilities. Ready for a new level of freedom?

**Do be aware that with this freedom comes responsibility. When you chose to graduate beyond these old systems you are no longer under the 'protection' of those systems. You become truly & completely responsible for yourself in all your layers and realities.


To take this step is a huge leap forward in radical self-responsibility & soul level commitment.

and yet an essential step to fully reclaim your cosmic Sovereignty.


Available in person or via internet video call.

Includes 90 minute session plus 30 minute follow up.

2 hours total: $250


~ alignment mentoring ~

Confidently living from your inner Truth

Are you seeking a deep trusting of yourself, your abilities & your innate guidance?

Feeling it's time to step away from relying on external messages & guidance?
Ready to strip off the labels and 'rules' and redefine what's possible for you?

Then this Alignment Mentoring journey could be a perfect match for you!

The person who knows what’s best for you – is you! However for most of us this deep inner knowing is buried within distorted conditioning, manipulation, programming and trauma.

In this short yet potent 6 week package delivered on-line, I support you in re-membering and re-claiming your sovereignty by fine tuning your discernment & trusting more of the wisdom inside you.

Together we’ll:
*Cut through the BS & clear away layers of old conditioning.
*Your belief systems, spiritual practices and Soul awareness will get an overhaul.
*You will sharpen your discernment skills & how to filter all the "Spiritual noise" out there.


This mentoring journey will be helpful if you:
* Find yourself placing other peoples knowledge & insights above our own.
* Confused with contradicting theories within new age / spirituality circles.
* Second guessing yourself and/or have a lack of self trust.
* Feeling disconnected to your inner wisdom.

If so, it's time to fine tune your awareness so you can detect what is in alignment with your truth through Self-awareness ~ Self-validation ~ Self-trust ~ Self-love

These sessions are delivered through live, one-on-one webinar meetings tailored to suit you. There is no formula or set process. I do not call myself a coach because I am not coaching you to follow a certain method or pathway. I do not have the answers for you nor will I try fit you into a cookie cutter, rinse & repeat program.

Rather, this is a supportive mentoring role where your individual circumstances guide the journey to achieve your own unique expansive results. I offer you a different perspective to consider, insights to your situation you may not have considered before, and the ability to view things on both a practical and spiritual perspective. I am a set of fresh eyes to spark curiosity and empower you to discover & create your own solutions.

Feel free to send me a message and we can have a complimentary chat to help us both decide if we are a good match for this Alignment Mentoring journey.

6 week mentorship: $850

Commitment of 6 x one hour coaching calls over 6 consecutive weeks, plus mid week check-ins.

Available via internet video call.



"I worked with Kylie for 6 weeks mentoring course after being blown away by her workshop at Sisterhood Rising Festival. Not only does she have the voice of an angel, she took me through a deep healing process in this time, journeying through past lives, dismantling old self-imposed obligations and beliefs, and helping me shift into a place of greater internal freedom and fun. 


I love the concept, and was fully supported as I moved from a space of inflexibility and stuckness, to allowing myself to be a portal for joy, fun and creation, in my relationships, friendships and business. 


It has been such a delight to spend these 6 weeks with Kylie, and to access more internal freedom and joy in many subtle ways. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make transformational changes within themselves, and to be held and supported in the highest and best way possible throughout the process!!  


I am also looking forward to attending her upcoming retreat in February!  Can't wait!

Michelle J.

"When I met Kylie, I felt quite disconnected from my body and questioned what I knew to be true for me. I felt overwhelmed by all the voices and influences in my reality. Kylie gently guided me to reconnect and trust my inner knowing, to discern what is in alignment for me. 


There is a magic and pureness to Kylie that provides a sacred space for exploration, reflection, and new awareness. I thoroughly enjoyed my Mentor sessions with Kylie and would highly recommend her if you need a nudge (or more!) to remember who you are."

Tamera L.