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~ Sacred Sounscapes ~

Sound Journey with Cacao Medicine


Join fellow musician Will Amesz and I as we weave together a sacred soundscape for you to connect inwards into your heart wisdom & relax!

Each month we invite you to gather with like-minded humans to surrender your stress, worry and overthinking into the healing sounds of live music frequencies. Sound healing is a powerful yet non-invasive way to achieve positive shifts & changes to your psyche & wellbeing including;

  • Fully relax the mind by dropping into deeper Alpha & Theta brain frequency brain states.

  • Quiet your thoughts to increase clarity and focus; feel a greater sense of inner peace and harmony.

  • Activate your parasympathetic nervous system moving you from fight & flight to rest & digest.

  • Renewal of your emotional body, neural system and energetic fields.

  • Improve emotional regulation & sense of being fully present in the moment.

  • Become more aligned & congruent with your higher self & inner guidance system.

  • Support the shifting of stagnant energy and patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Recalibrate & attune your etheric DNA to your highest timeline.

  • Long term benefits include lower blood pressure, decreased stress levels, improved sleep, a more robust immune system and many more.

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Sacred Soundscape Events:

Sound Immersion with Cacao

23rd January 2022

Fremantle Yoga Studio

@E-Shed Markets - Fremantle

3.30pm to 5.30pm

$45pp (+bf) 


~ Transformational Retreats ~

It's amazing what possibilities can be reached when we allow ourselves the time and attention to put ourselves first, surrounded by authentic people who align with your values.

When you are in a place where you feel safe to be your true self - no masks - no playing small - something clicks inside. Something that no one can take away from you. Something that opens doors that were waiting for you to just reach within and turn the key. 

These retreats offer a collection of holistic experiences to connect you deeper to nature, synergising a transformation through the basics of breath, movement, nutritious food, soul healing, human connection, sound medicine and celebration of life.

These experiences are a deep re-set of yourself, re-invigorating your organic systems & prosperous mindset. If you are ready have an experience that offers healing on all levels, connection to new friends and a new appreciation of nature, health & self-love, then come play at my next retreat!

Next Retreat ~ 16th to 20th March 2022

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New Earth Medicine Retreat ~ Return to Origin


This 5 day retreat is all about you as a Creator Being. Your relationship with yourself, with nature and with creative force within you.


Life as we know it has been an experience of separation from our natural capacity as Creator Beings.

Being in the physical realm is actually all about experiencing this separation to be able to experience the whole spectrum of emotions and sensations that lead to the expansion of our soul. However, we as a collective are reaching a Time where we can emBody more of our Soul & experience physical life reconnected to higher dimensional parts of our self. There is a deep calling rising within many seeking a return to the origin of what is Real and True so that we can create a new multi-dimensional experience that is lighter and more conducive of our true nature that is Light.

Is this you?

This return to your original essence can only truly be discovered by the self, through inner exploration and neutralising the external worldly influences on our individual perception.

This retreat is a series of experiences created for you to explore this for yourself and create pathways of self-recognition & sovereign evolution in your life.

As you give yourself permission to share, speak and even sing, you are witnessed in your Truth, deeply nurturing your human aspects and helping you integrate the insights you will have throughout your retreat journey.

Some experiences offered will include exploring medicine from Gaia in various forms, which helps us move our consciousness beyond the world as we know it, through zero point and into an unlimited space of discovery.

You will gain insights on a level that our current collective reality construct does not support, but as you step back into the world you will have activated your own key codes to assist you in living from your Original Frequency as a Cosmic Human.

Held gently within the Boranup Forest we’ll deepen our connection with our True Nature within and without, which supports a more genuine and deeper connection with others free of expectation, obligation, or trying to prove ourselves.

Finding this space will help you open the door of inner peace, happiness and joy in life which is the ultimate medicine for our mind body and soul, because We Are Life and ultimately WE are the medicine needed for this time.

After deep internal journey and discovery, we then shift into celebration mode! Celebrate you, each other, nature, and life! We’ll celebrate through song, movement, nurturing food, sharing words, hugs and focused attention.

Honouring each other in our individuality yet weaving a group resonance that will be like a big love bomb on the planet! I look forward to experiencing the natural magick, remembrance, self-realisation and celebration unfold through this co-creation with you and Mother Nature.


**All inclusive experience 5 days/4 nights:

  • All meals, drinks & snacks; healthy & catered to your dietary needs.

  • Daily workshops; yoga, conscious breath, transcendent meditations, sound healing, forest bathing.

  • Personal 1:1 body work session; choice of massage or Acutonic's healing session. 

  • Medicines & ceremony's; deep transformational experiences through your inner-realms.

  • Entertainment & fun activities; craft, beach swim, ceremonial cacao & ecstatic dance with guest DJ!

  • Equinox Ceremony; Our last day falls on Equinox, perfect energy to integrate & prepare for home.

  • Accommodation; option for single bed in the house or BYO camping on the property.

  • Exclusive, intimate, transformational & holistic retreat for those ready to leap to the next level!


5pm ~ Wednesday 16th March 2022

1pm ~ Sunday 20th March 2022


LOCATION: Boranup Forest 


Single bed  ~ $1390  (9 places available)

Camping option ~ $1000  (4 places available - BYO camping gear)

   ** I have sat a long time with these prices, and due to the exclusive nature and one on one care provided, this is the most cost effective price I can offer for this 5 day experience.  

   **Payment plans available with a $300 deposit to secure your place.

   **In the case of a lockdown occurring that limits travel to regional areas, a full refund will be honoured. 


~ collaboration ~
If you are looking for a guest sound healer, meditation facilitator or want to arrange a private group sound meditation either one off or on a regular basis then please be in contact. I am open to collaborating with other aligned people and groups!
More doors open when we share our unique abilities and co-create in harmony - this is part of our new earth paradigm and it's up to us to create it!