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Meditations & Downloads

Full Moon Guided Meditation

with healing from Lady Venus

Above is the crystal grid created for this meditation. *Quartz points *purple fluorite octahedrons *blue Kyanite *pink Danburite.
The White bowl is heart Chakra frosted Quartz, the little pink bowl is "St Germain Sky" in A. 
Harnessing the energies of the Taurus Full Moon, Kylie offers you a channeled Full Moon Meditation.
You will be guided through to the peak of the Full Moon energies with the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine, balancing these energies through the Sun/Moon energies into your light body.
I then call upon Lady Venus who is currently retrograde. She rules this full moon as she is the ruler of Taurus, and she is directly opposite with the Sun in deep transformational Scorpio!
Wow Lady Venus came through with powerful presence and she really pours her love into you! When I called her forth she comes into bless you with her magnificent beauty, reminding you that the same beauty is a fire within you waiting to be lit. She speaks a communication through me and you will receive a 3rd eye activation and a Divine blessing and healing from her.
Valued at $15 - A free gift for you!

New Moon Meditation

Underworld Journey of Transformation

Journey down into the mystical underworld to shed light on an aspect of your life that needs to be seen and released.
Follow the medicine drum down to be joined by your totem animal/ Guide. Be held and nurtured as you receive insight, healing and a gift from this magical place.
Recorded on the Scorpio New Moon this harnesses the very deep and transformational energies of this planetary alignment.
Valued at $15 - A free gift for you!