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The Ancestral DNA

De-Coding Ceremony


Your Highest Planetary Purpose awaits you!

I call to the Light Bearers, Way-Showers, Dreamers and Earth Warriors

It is time to access deeper layers of your

Ancient Soul Wisdom and return Sovereignty to humanity. 

You are being called to become the walking example.

To embody all your multi-dimensioanl self.

You were designed to remember and use all your past life knowledge.

This is your birthright - Human Being.

It is time to claim this back!.

Next Ceremony:    8h Sept 2019

Time:  11am - 3pm

Venue: Common Earth Studio

116A Terrace Rd, Guildford.

The Ancestral DNA De-Coding Ceremony was created by Kylie after a transformational Soul remembering. A remembering of her role in returning humanity to their original DNA blueprint & embodying our Sovereignty.

You are invited on a journey of remembering, connecting you with Galactic Ancestors and awakening more potential through your inner guidance.

This is a re-union of self that your Soul is waiting for you to discover! 

The human story is far older than we have been led to believe. I don't have all the answers but what I do understand is that a few hundred thousand years ago Earth became under "new management" and the human DNA was edited to control us. We lost our conscious awareness we became a "food source" and now our eternal essence is siphoned off through emotions of fear, stress, worry, survival, anger & depression Every part of our physical and mental reality has been manipulated to create layers of complex systems of distortion that result in humanity being recycled through a false matrix and maintaining our own prison.

But we have woken up to this game, and we say no more. Disclosure has begun and it is up to us to chose to either get angry and fight, OR to see the bigger picture, accept it and take action to heal.

I chose the latter. I remind myself to connect back into my Soul essence & use the knowledge of Truth to empower my freedom. Sovereignty means we must accept and embody all our choices.

My Soul knowing is that our DNA is a key component to reclaiming our sovereignty because the DNA is where the codes are accessed, and how our frequency band was limited.

But we can now unscramble and reconnect our organic strand formation.  

This Ceremony was created specifically for this, to set forth a catalyst where your DNA will be re-calibrated into it's original organic frequency. Come and re-tune yourself back into Mother Earths resonance. Your physical body holds all the keys, your Soul is nudging you; are you ready to return 'home' to your true nature?  


"Thankyou Kylie for such a wonderful offering on Sunday.

I feel honoured to be part of this awakening within our beings. This remembering of who we truly are and my favorite part was the light language... it really sunk deep into my being. I look forward to seeing how my life unfolds from now and how we may affect those around us.

Thank you again"               - Bren -

Next Ceremony:    8th Sept 2019

Time:  11am - 3pm

Venue: Common Earth Studio

116A Terrace Rd, Guildford.

For me it was a soul journey which helped to shift &

 upgrade myself into a higher state of being.

Blocks that where there before feel completely cleared.


I loved how the journey was guided by Kylie with her detailed explanations that set us up for our journey as a group together.  Also how Kylie and Charles worked together was amazing, very seamless. 


The exciting thing is that I'm now in a place of knowing & no longer just accepting but go and make life changes. 


I would recommend the Ancestral DNA De-Coding Ceremony to anyone who is curious as there is a reason for why you are curious; why you are on this path, why you found this event.     - Adam - 


The Ancestral DNA De-Coding Ceremony is a sacred ceremony I created from my Soul Essence where you initiate yourself back into your galactic wisdom to embody your

Cosmic Sovereignty as an Earth Child.

The keys to the Truth of who and what we are is in our DNA, which has been severely limited due to manipulations in this Earth 'game'. Yet despite the odds & the cataclysm of several civilizations before this one - humanity has woven through the quantum field of potentiality to turn the tides. We face the opportunity for Ascension.

All eyes are on Earth right now. All eyes are on humanity. The 'game' is coming to a climax and we - 'the players' -need to chose how the game ends.

Gaia has chosen to re-birth. She calls for her Way-Showers and asks "who is coming with me?".

She is calling to the Old Soul's to access the Ancient Wisdom of our Earthly and Galactic ancestors. Certain Soul's have been keeping these Keys safe within your being, within your DNA. You are now being called to self-realise what you are. To journey back into the womb of the Earth and remember why you have endured this game life after life after life.

BECAUSE YOU ARE YOUR ANCESTORS!!! YOU have come back now, in this life, for this time, for this purpose. She calls us now to remember & step into your Higher Planetary Purpose.

What will that look like for you?
I have on idea. This is up to you. We all have different roles and your future is your choice.

Each of us need to be our own teacher & guide.

What I offer you is a profoundly safe space, free of manipulation and false guidance. You will receive assistance in clearing, healing and activating your ORGANIC DNA.
We will talk of Truth's, tricks and tests.
You will deepen your connection with Mother Earth.
You will travel in a sacred journey through portals.
You will reignite your connection with your Star Family.
You will be bathed and carried in live Sacred Sounds.
You will receive personal Light Language activations & healing.
You will be honored for ALL the wisdom you carry in your Soul.
You will awaken the next layer of codes within your body.
You will open many doors into your Truth which will fast track into your Soul's higher purpose.

There is no set "outcome", there are no strict rules you have to follow, I am not here to teach you anything. Instead I step into my Over Soul aspect, (which sounds like "Tor-ook Ma") and I create a sacred space and journey for your mind & body to remember the organic frequencies of the sovereign human blueprint.

⭐The alchemy you will experience in this shamanic ceremony will be unlike any other.
⭐A healthy vegetarian snack and hot tea is included.
⭐ You will also learn how to code water to support you in your personal ascension journey.

My sisters and brothers, you and I and all the Souls who volunteered to lead the way at this moment in the galaxy's history - WE are here to step up and go first. To pave the way to a new paradigm full of magic and wonder and creation, freedom and love!

Next Ceremony:

Date: 8h Sept 2019

Time:  11am - 3pm

Venue: Common Earth Studio

116A Terrace Rd, Guildford.