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Crystal Dreaming

Crystal Dreaming

A Crystal Dreaming healing is only available in person, 

facilitated at Kylie's healing room in Success, WA.


Allow 90 minutes for your session.

Exchange: $155

Step 1: 

Step 2: check your email for confirmation

Step 3: follow payment instruction in the email:

Step 4: See you on the day!

Crystal Dreaming is where YOU get to travel into your cellular memory into past lives & reveal the core source of emotional trauma. Kylie safely guides you through this unique modality to heal & release blocks and trauma from your whole being. 

During this shamanic journey you are consciously aware as the crystals open a gateway through the pineal gland and unlock your cellular memory. No drugs or substances are used. This is such an empowering healing because you experience insight into other realms and open your potential to be your own healer.

After trauma has cleared and time permitting, you meet your Spirit Guides to receive healing & guidance. This may include recalling dormant mastery & skills, activating DNA, download light codes and more!

A truly magical and empowering healing experience!


Kylie sure comes from the stars.


She is a powerful intuitive healer.

She masters the science of crystals.

My session with her was a very powerful, insightful & 

deep transcendental journey.

I feel transformed & it was one of the best sessions I ever had. I highly recommend her for a Crystal Dreaming healing session!!!

                                                       Evan, December 2018

"I’ve known Kylie for the past 5 years and always felt at ease

with her spiritual presence. Her energy is calming and you feel comfortable in any situation.

In my Crystal Dreaming session, I realised I had to be

honest with myself and share some difficult & emotional

experiences, which can be tough.


Throughout the session Kylie constantly checked in on how I was feeling & although some of the emotions were raw &

 heavy, the healing was unbelievable. I walked away from the session feeling light & knowing that I’m no longer the

beliefs that I held from so long ago."

                                                                          Kelly P,  August 2017

Appointment Cancellations and Rescheduling

Your appointment is booked through appointy.com If you need to change your appointment please refer to your confirmation email and take the links there to do so.

If you need to cancel your appointment altogether, if 24 hours or more notice is given then you will receive a full refund.

If less that 24 hours then 50% will be refunded.

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