~ group events ~

Group events are really special to me as I can feel the immense activations that occur when we co-create sacred space together. 

Our physical vessels recognise each other, our Soul energy remembers, and expanded potential is alchemised when we gather with aligned intentions. 

My group events are ever changing and created through my inner guidance in alignment with present collective and personal experiences.


It is an honour to create and hold spaces of integrity for others to expereince powerful healing, remembering, activations and community.  

The best place to keep up to date with current events is through my

Facebook page here.

Past and current events include:

Soul Immersion Retreats

Dragon Dreaming Sound Activations

Light Language Workshops

Anscetral DNA De-Coding Ceremony

Light CoDeX Experiential Workshops

Discernment Workshops 


Group Sound Healing

Casual drop in sound healing sessions - open to all.


Anscestral DNA De-Coding


An intensely powerful ceremony to catapult the reconfiguration of your 12 strand DNA.

Soul Embodiment Retreats

Immerse completely into a journey of self-transformation. and Soul expansion.


~ group sound healing ~

:Drop into Heart:
:Ground into Earth:
:Surrender into your natural frequency:

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Join us every Wednesday evening for a mid week, super high vibe, soul-filling sound healing.


Energetically held with a balance of nurturing & strength, Kylie will take you on a journey within the alchemy of sacred sound. Crystal bowls, medicine drum, voice, and more will bathe your body in frequencies that will take you to another world and remind you of your true nature.

Clear your mind & reduce stress
Activate the parasympathetic system

Active Theta & Delta brain wave states
Energise your physical and quantum fields
Gain mental clarity and confidence
Connect deeper with your all knowing cosmic self.

Wednesday's:  7pm 

@Blinco-Creative studio

19 Blinco St, Fremantle

$22 pp

We are continually bombarded with signals that disrupt our organic flow of energy, (which is a resonance). Working on computer / phones, EMF from electronics and WIFI, physical, emotional & mental stress, mental over-stimulation, toxins in our food and environment - they all disrupt our bodies ability to resonate with Mother Earth's natural harmonics.

Sacred Sound penetrates through ALL of this & helps your body re-tune itself back into natural resonance


 Kylie is also available for private group sound healing, suitable for

*friends and family in your home

*office or work space for employees & staff wellbeing

*events such as retreats, training days, yoga class or other group setting.


Private group pricing negotiable depending on travel time and number of participants.


~ anscestral DNA de-coding ceremony ~

The Ancestral DNA De-Coding Ceremony was created by Kylie after a transformational Soul remembering. A remembering of her role in returning humanity to their original DNA blueprint & embodying our Sovereignty.

You are invited on a journey of remembering, re-awakening your connection to Galactic Ancestors through your inner guidance.​ This is a re-union of self that your Soul is waiting for you to discover! 

The human story is far older than we have been led to believe. I don't have all the answers but what I do understand is that a few hundred thousand years ago Earth became under "new management" and the human DNA was edited to control us. We lost our conscious awareness we became a "food source" and now our eternal essence is siphoned off through emotions of fear, stress, worry, survival, anger & depression Every part of our physical and mental reality has been manipulated to create layers of complex systems of distortion that result in humanity being recycled through a false matrix and maintaining our own prison.

But we have woken up to this game, and we say no more. Disclosure has begun and it is up to us to chose to either get angry and fight, OR to see the bigger picture, accept it and take action to heal.

I chose the latter, and was guided to create this ceremony to be a platform for you to connect back into Soul essence & realise that YOU are the Ancestors returned to finish what you started long ago.

Our DNA is a key component to reclaiming our sovereignty because the DNA is a quantum code of all things, and this is how the human frequency band was distorted & contained.

However, with awareness, we can now unscramble and reconnect our organic DNA strand formation.  

This Ceremony was created specifically for this, to set forth a catalyst where your DNA will be re-calibrated into it's original organic frequency. Come and re-tune yourself back into Mother Earths resonance. Your physical body holds all the keys, your Soul is nudging you; are you ready to return 'home' to your true cosmic nature?  

This Ceremony is held quarterly.

Next Ceremony will be approximately February 2020 

Click below to be advised of the next ceremony.


~ retreats ~

Kylie's retreats are Soul aligned, designed to empower & transform each guest with massive expansion!


  Come immerse yourself to discover more about your inner knowledge, Soul remembering, step more into your power & take yourself to a whole new level of awareness and Truth.

I invite you into Sacred Space to experience a delicious recipe of shamanic healing, meditation journey's, sacred circle, sound healing, workshops, ceremony, singing, personal healing sessions, Yoga, nourishing food, excellent vibes and fun!


The next retreat is.....

Copy of Equinox Soul Retreat.png

This 3 day retreat is loaded with what you need to clear energetic clutter, fill your cup to over-flow and boost your confidence to walk your walk in the world.

The experiences offered focus on personal Truth, self-empowerment, self-validation, integration of your Innate Higher Wisdom and stepping further into Sovereignty.
There will be some very deep work with a lot of shifting in body, mindset and energies, but a lot of fun along the way too!

This is your invitation into a safe and nurturing space to expand more than ever before into truth and power, release from any tethering, and to really see yourself full of potential, power and positivity.

🌟We’ll be nurtured in the natural beauty of our secluded Eagle Bay with 2.5 acres of private natural bush land!!! We will make good use of our natural setting to deepen our conscious relationship and body connection with the nature Kingdoms, Gaia, and her Cosmic waters of creation.

🌟We’ll also be walking distance from the beach!!! A picnic and ceremony with the ocean to invite her powerful majestic energies to assist in clearing and rejuvenating our Being. We'll also journey in a sacred Gong sound bath with the Whales and Dolphins who carry the organic Codes to our original blueprint and connection to our galactic ancestry.

🌟We’ll visit your Akash to access knowledge and power that is waiting for you remember in this life time - to strengthen your confidence and abilities in this current life path. We’ll also be firing up your Body Intelligence and upgrading “new chakras” (which are actually portals) to align you closer into your Innate Higher Wisdom.

🌟More experiences over the weekend include:
Sound Healing sessions
Cacao & Drumming ceremony
Connecting with Crystals
1 x Private Healing session each
1 x Private Integrative Body session each
Free time to integrate, journal, meditate, walk in nature or simply rest.
Sharing Circles – Soul connection
Creative activities to let that inner child out
S P A C E to really connect and Know Thy Self
Lots of YUMMY HEALTHY food to nourish & ground your body.
A few surprises to make sure Joy is sprinkled between the serious stuff!

This will be extremely special and powerful 3 days as we are lead intuitively by Gaia and expanded Soul aspects as we weave together the magic our Souls have been lining everything up for!


Sacred retreats invite in Souls to reunite across time itself. A unique fingerprint of Alchemy is created in the joining of such Souls as we spark remembering and awakening for each other. Time stands still while we journey through Time and Space into other dimensions and timelines to access more knowledge.

This weekend promises to be truly and authentically transformational. On your return home your newly embodied light quotient ripples across into your life, into your community, and into the collective.


Read some retreat reviews on the testimonies page 


Arrive 3pm Thursday 6th February 2020
Finish 3pm Sunday 9th February 2020
Location: Private accommodation in Eagle Bay, WA.

3 nights in beautiful accommodation
3 days of Soul enriching experiences
All meals, tea/coffee and snacks included
Vegan / Gluten free people well catered for!
All group and individual activities & healing included
Amazing gift bag valued over $150!

Sleeping Options & Pricing::

Option 1: Twin Share Room: $1440 pp
(single beds, share room with 1 other person)
- 6 places available

Option 2: Sleep out in the stars $1100 pp
(*BYO camping equipment)
- up to 3 places available

*Camping option: this is just for sleeping. You will still have full use of the house and resources at all times with a secure place to keep your belongings.

💫 deposit to hold your spot: $300
💫 remainder due by 20th January 2020
💫 installment plan available